Vicious Circle – That Damn Circle Bit Me


We wanted to do a mix that included something from our favourite artists past and present. A lot of the songs that have influenced us appear as well as some of the newer artists who are pushing us to make better music. Itâ��s also a pretty true reflection of a Vicious Circle DJ set so if you like what you hear go tell your local promoter or better still become one yourself and weâ��ll come and play for you 😉



Vicious Circle & Nocturnal � Welcome to Shanktown VIP
Vicious Circle & Universal Project � Untitled
Jonny L � Brother
Break � Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Vicious Circle � Between The Lines
Dom & Vicious Circle � Cyclops
Fresh & Fierce � Brok
Shimon & Andy C � Firewire
Vicious Circle � Bleak
Commix � Satellite Type 2
Marcus Intalex & ST:Files � Dreamworld
Break � Run Off
Vicious Circle & Universal Project � Hellrazor
Capone � Friday
Break � The Drone
Dylan & Ink � Need You
Vicious Circle � Untitled
Nocturnal � Musk Up
Optical � To Shape The Future Remix
Misanthrop � Waste Express
Optiv & Bulletproof � Camouflage
Vicious Circle � Cerberus
Calyx & Teebee � Telepathy
The Upbeats � Takeaway Soul
Icicle � Weak Moments
Adam F – Metropolis