Perkussiv label

Perkussiv Music is about to launch. Things have been finalized and the label is now proudly showing future plans and actions to our future fans.
The label is not much about words, it is all about music.
Nevertheless we want to give you an insight into the label’s philosophy:

Perkussiv’s main focus is to release quality music from around the globe, both Techno and Drum and Bass.
With professional attitude, the label’s heads Amex from Germany, Rufftex and Pao from Switzerland, plus Tamas from Austria put their whole energy in quality control, thus the label’s fans can enjoy full effects of true deep-hearted music.

Hier noch der erste Podcast von Amex zum Download:
Download Perkussiv Podcast Vol. 1


01 Amex – Trademark Mirror [PERKUSSIV Dub]
02 Amex + Kantyze – Manoeuvre [FREAK Dub]
03 Pyro – The Beat [DV010]
04 Mechaplex – Pantograf (Yabol RMX) [PAKTDG005]
05 Amex – Telos [PERKUSSIV Dub]
06 Amex – Monsun [DV008]
07 Tamas – Coexistence [PERKUSSIV Dub]
08 Anode – Havonavega [PERKUSSIV Dub]
09 Eiton – Kookon [PERKUSSIV Dub]
10 Gravity Zero – Mind’s Eye VIP [Dub]
11 Amex + Eiton – Never Ever [PERKUSSIV Dub]
12 Amex + Rufftex – Slowmotion (Skynet RMX) [PERKUSSIV Dub]
13 Eiton – Molok [PERKUSSIV Dub]
14 Pylon – Pirx [PERKUSSIV Dub]
15 Amex – Steeel [PERKUSSIV Dub]
16 Amex – Crystal [INSEKTO Dub]
17 Anode – The Mirror [PERKUSSIV Dub]
18 The Sect – Stranger (Amex RMX) [PERKUSSIV Dub]
19 Pylon + Stereotype – Antitoxin [PERKUSSIV Dub]
20 Amex – Sexmachine [Dub]
21 The Sect – Stranger [PERKUSSIV Dub]
22 Pylon – Kilecki [PERKUSSIV Dub]
23 Amex – Telos (Skynet RMX) [PERKUSSIV Dub]
24 Asphexia – Binary Digit (Dextems RMX) [PERKUSSIV Dub]