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nphecht und dizplaynphect & dizplay haben 2003 eine Nummer Namens „Nostromo“ gebastelt, die dann auf Skynet`s nVision Label erscheinen sollte. Irgendwie wurde die Scheibe dann doch nie wirklich veröffentlicht und somit ballern die 2 den Tune jetzt fÃŒr lau im 320kbps Format raus. Download gibts hier. Ausserdem noch der original Text:
Hi folks,

when we made Nostromo in one night back in the summer of 2003, we knew we had created something special. The scene�s first reactions were very positive, so we approached Skynet, who was then starting up his now-defunct nVision label. He was very positive about it, too, and soon promised to sign it. He never released it though, so after about 1.5 years we withdrew the tune from him.

After that, we updated the sound and showed it to U3R, the people behind Mo�Fire. With the Nanodust/Stripshow release in mind, they envisioned it on an n&d EP, also containing a remix by a well-known international production team. Despite the fact that all contracts for that EP were already signed,this obviously didn�t work either, so after some couple of months without any progress we were left with Nostromo without a release at all.

Itâ��s 2006 now – we feel it is time to close this chapter by handing this tune over to the people. It still is a floor smasher every time we play it out, so we hope some of you gonna blast it.

Download Link

Feel free to play it at parties or include in your mix sets, as long as they�re not commercial. We will remove the linked file after two weeks, so spread the word. Thnx for the support.