Filthcast 007 – Current Value

Der siebte Filthcast von Barcode prügelt dieses mal mit Current Value rein. Drumgeschredder vom feinsten. hehe

• Love or hate him, Current Value is truely an amazing artist. Consistent, presice & evolving, some call the man the „audio architect“ or „sonic scientist“.
• An exciting 45 minute musical journey covering some of his most prolific works and forthcoming material.
• Step inside the weird and wonderful world of Current Value.


Current Value & Donny – Discovered (Barcode Recordings)
Current Value – Warship (Barcode Recordings)
Current Value – Bruja (Barcode Recordings)
Forbidden Society – Filth (Current Value Remix) (Freak Recordings)
Current Value – Therapist VIP (Guerilla Recordings)
Limewax – One Of Them (Current Value Remix) (Lost Soul Recordings)
Forbidden Society – Facing Extinction (Current Value Remix) (Algorythm Recordings)
Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix) (Barcode Recordings)
Current V
alue – Dark Rain (Intransigent Recordings)
Current Value – Battlefields (Barcode Recordings)
Current Value – Cybernetics (Barcode Recordings)
Current Value & Limewax – Desert Storm (L/b Recordings)
Current Value – Bravery (Venom Inc)
Current Value – Interstellar (Tech Freak Recordings)

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