Drum n Bogaloo ft. SKiTTY

drum n bogaloo dj skitty» Sonntag ! 11.05.2008 im SAAL ab 23 h
DJ SKITTY (Metalheadz / Projekt 51)

DJ Fattony + ? (Ruffcut Crew)

MC Kazooma (TBA)

visuals by Onkel Tuca (Netzteil)

er hat ne menge erfahrung auf dem buckel, hat schon nahezu mit allen englischen grössen der drum and bass szenerie pingpong gespielt und auch im club schon mal bewiesen das er richtig rocken kann. der drum ´n bogaloo feiert premiere auf einem floor, spirch absoluter fokus auf die beats jenseits der 140 bpm. zu skitty könnt ihr eine ausführliche bio lesen…

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Gavin Skitt better known as SKITTY has been a leading force in the West Midlands drum’n’bass scene since the mid-nineties. It all started back in 1991 when he heard early live tape-packs from events such as Quest, Fantazia and Edge. Inspired by DJ’s such as Mickey Finn, Top Buzz and LTJ Bukem, SKITTY started to buy records a couple of years later at the tender age of 13 and eventually purchased a pair of decks so he too could represent.

Three years later and he got his first booking at the largest venue in his hometown The Mezzanine’ alongside DJ SS and MC Warren G. This was to be the start of SKITTY’s journey into the drum’n’bass scene, as many DJ bookings followed at local raves playing with the likes of DJ Zinc, Ed Rush, Doc Scott & DJ Lee amongst others. He also got offered his own two-hour radio show on his local pirate station, which he did prime time for three years running. He finally moved on in 1999 when the infamous Midland’s based KOOL FM invited SKITTY to join the ranks of JB & Spice, DJ Hazard, Devise and MC Biggie, and gave him his own Saturday afternoon show. From here SKITTY began to finally get the recognition he deserved outside The Midlands with dates in France, Germany and the well known Bar Rumba in London. Now SKITTY was firmly known as DJ with a reputation for playing upfront cutting edge music.

In 2001 he left KOOL FM to concentrate and focus on production. This was something he had wanted to do since 1997, but now with five years experience of DJ’ing and rocking clubs he felt he could use his knowledge and his ideas to contribute something fresh towards the scene. With no one around to help or really advise him, SKITTY had to do it alone spending numerous days and nights locked in his self-funded studio learning and mastering programs and plug-ins on his PC. He took he time to get a sound that he was happy with, and a sound that truly represented him. In 2003 SKITTY sent out a few demos of his first batch of finished tunes and the response was overwhelming when four tracks immediately got snapped up. Reckless Behaviour and B4 Life got signed to Loxy’s CYLON imprint and released in February 2004 after heavy support from Bailey, Tech Itch, Ink and Pendulum, as well as DNA and Taboo getting signed to Outbreak Ltd. This dropped in April 2004 and also received major club play from a string of top DJ’s including BBC 1xtra’s L Double.

From these debut releases skitty began to work on more material and word started to get out. Renegade Hardware wanted to sign him exclusively, Digital, Bryan Gee and Dillinja all started requesting tracks, and then Metalheadz turned around and signed I Can’t Describe for the mdz 04 lp.From there things escalated for the talented producer with an interview on Bailey’s BBC 1Xtra show, a DJ booking in the Breakin Headz Room at the new METALHEADZ night at The Carling Academy in Islington, London and even more labels getting in touch for music.

Skitty’s third release dropped in June 2004 was on Emma Wildchild’s new Wildstyle imprint. With releases by XRS and Simon Bassline’ Smith & Drumsound under her belt, Skitty did the business again with two killer tracks One Cut which has been given the remix treatment by none other than tech itch and the grimey “forgive or forget�?.

Now in 2005 Skitty has maintained his level of production and has featured on a number of killer lps and singles ie “sweet vibrations�? which was the opening track for the Bassbin album, and received widespread dj support even from the mighty Fabio who was rumoured to have rewound it a couple of times at swerve. Skitty has also featured on the mdz 05 album sampler where he was honoured to share the other side to Goldie’s huge “say u love me�?. Renegade hardware also enrolled Skitty for the guerrilla warfare lp where he delivered the no holds barred “bear witness�? Skitty has alot of music forthcoming in 2006 on a variety of top notch labels and continues to push things forward. He has featured in both knowledge and atm magazine as one of the “leaders of the new skool�? and has done a guest mix on dj Flights BBC 1xtra show as part of the xtra bass tour.

2006 turned out to be another fruitful year for skitty both release wise and most certainly dj wise,the long awaited collab with oldschool buddy nolige finally saw the light of day on dj inks architecture recordings backed with a dubbed out collaberation with heist…always one for keeping it diverse skitty delivered the smooth grooves of “mr rickets�? on horisens sister label “progress�? an ode to an elderly gentelman from the bottem of his road who sadly passed away that year but would always bring a smile to your face when u heard loud jamaican music blazing out of his car when passing by…this tune received support from people such as martyn and the mighty marcus intalex who also featured it in an online mix of his..keeping his productions mostly deep and rolling this year saw a new maturity in skitty�?s music which eventually caught the eye of none another than teebee and in turn saw skitty proudly sign the sleazy back street sounds of “dirty south�? this tune recieved support from a wide range of people from teebee to A.I and dj zinc showing that skittys new path still had wide ranging appeal and was also one of the highlights of his careeer as subtitles isnt a label that will just sign any half baked music..tunes in the same vein also featured on other labels including the mighty metalheadz who snapped up the summer tiem sounds of “warm n easy�? which appeared on the cd version of mdz 06 2006 also saw skitty step into the studio with the feakmeister himself dylan..the guys spent 2 sessions in dylans bristol studio carving out wot turned out to be the monstrous beast that was “disguised as an angel of light�?.this was to be the first release on a brand new label set up by dylan and gein of habit recordings usa and was to be the other side to dylan and hot boy limewax’s “cleansed by a nightmare�? proving skitmeister can mix it up with the darkest of producers out there which was a pleasure and an honour to work with one of his favourite producers. 2006 saw skitty travelling all over the uk and europe playing top notch events such as renegade hardware at the end and the hardware and valve night in vauxhall…bassbins first night in london got graced by skitty and nolige doing there first b2b in london.alongside regular slots at metalheadz at herbal and the mighty therapy sessions skittys ever growing reputation as a truly versatile selecter was being dug deeper..he regulary headlined partys and finally got the chance to play b2b with the b boy dj ink at the first therapy sessions all nighter in bristol and the grim reaper dj loxy at the christmas therapy bash.which again was a great personal acheivement for a lad who not to long ago could have only dreamed of doing such a thing. 1xtra also added to the list of acheivments bringing skitty in for the birmingham leg of their tour in march of 2006 for a quick chat alongside fellow dnb heads from the midlands scene and in october of the same year sent for his talents alongside those of devize and nolige for the 1xtra mix show..which basically saw skitty standing in the very spot that people such as bailey flight l double do week in week out and present his own show..which was a great experience to think it was only 2 years previously that he had been sitting the opposite side of the room having questions fired at him from bailey about his rise in the game.. all in all 2006 was a great lerning curve and step up the ladder for this 26 year old junglist. onto 2007 and with a dj schedule thats filling up nearly every weekend of the forseeable future.things are starting to move quickly..march will see skitty take his first trip to the united states for a mini tour which he is very excited about experiencing.and more bookings for the legendary hardware and metalheadz nights with a few b2b’s along the way alongside ink and nolige. skitty has also just completed a collab with noneother than kryptic minds-leon switch and dekota on a tune called “drifitng away�? which is the first time these guys have collberated with anyone else..a great acheivment considering the amount of talent and competition in the drum n bass scene..and for those of u who remember skittys “ten steps�? which was the first release on horisens recordings..well that has been given the remix treatment by none other than the U.S producer gridlok.this will be coming as with a yet unfinished tune by skitty so look out for that in the middle section of 2007..with this skitty has signed a tune to gridloks project 51 label called “victim�? which has been described by andrew from vicious circle as “the death march blud�? lol..skitty has also started on sum house and chilled out projects which he hopes to get off the ground this year.. this guy continues to keep his foot firmly on the gas in 2007..WATCH THIS…….SPACE