DJ Haste presents – A Decade In The Mix Pt2


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01: M-Beat – Surrender [Renk]
Truly one of the unsung heroes of hardcore and jungle, M-Beat has certainly made some of my favourite tunes of the mid-90s. Here he comes with a breakneck mix of the usual ragga samples, pitched up amens and chipmunk vocals to get the party started.

02: Noise Factory – Breakage #5 (Remix) [Straight From The Bedroom]
One of the lesser known tracks on the mix. A nice little gem hidden away on the third Straight From The Bedroom 12″, a label related to the Ibiza/Kemet/3rd party stable.

03: Trip 3 – The Crack (The Final Trip Mix) [Kniteforce]
A label mainly known for its hardcore output but with one or two forays into the jungle world… and very good they are too! This is the third in the Trip series; Cutty Ranks samples over some nasty amens, it’s a surprise this one’s not heard more frequently.

04: Subnation – Scottie (Ray Keith Remix) [Future Vinyl]
Ray Keith comes with the Star Trek sounds in the intro of the Evil Dead sampling classic. Bumping bassline and wicked amen edits make this a nice roller, given the typical RK remix treament.

05: DJ Hype – Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) [Suburban Base]
Well, it had to be included, really. The instantly recognisable synth line in the intro, GQ’s vocal interludes, beats that are almost falling over each other and a bassline to shake your socks off all make this a huge hit with the crowds. „Absolutely T for tremendous“.

06: Dillinja & Berty B – Lion Heart [Lion Heart]
The master of the Amen with one of his biggest and baddest tunes. A huge crowd favourite, I had to let this one roll to get that second drop in… typical Dillinja style.

07: Lloydie Crucial – Southern California (Concrete Mix) [Lloydie Crucial]
Little more than a beat and a bassline laid over an old Tony Toni Toné sample but it just works so well. I’m always surprised by the reactions that this one gets when I play it out!

08: Roni Size & DJ Die – Music Box (Remix) [Full Cycle]
One of the earliest outings from the Bristol boys and, in my opinion, one of their finest. Here’s the remix of the seminal Music Box; rolling beats, sparse samples and a bassline wandering all over the place. Absolutely wicked!

09: Lemon D – Feel It [Conqueror]
Dillinja’s right hand man coming with what he does best. Pads, shuffling beats and female vocals stabs descend into pure Amen tearout bizznizz in the trademark LD style. „Bust this!“

10: DJ SS – Green [Colour Series]
In the years when SS and Formation were on fire, this 12″ popped up on the much overlooked Colour series sub-label. A remix of one of the tracks on the earlier Red release, this one stepped up the game a bit further with the massively chopped up Amen edits, punching bassline and wicked Method Man vocals.

11: Gang Related & Mask – Bass Is Rollin‘ [Dope Dragon]
Another Bristol piece from a label that just could do no wrong in 94 & 95. B-side to the much played „Soldier“, this is a real simple Amen workout with its distinctive descending bassline that I don’t hear too often any more… „Adiós señor“

12: P-Funk – P-Funk Era (VIP Mix) [AWOL]
Pascal’s finest moment gets the VIP treatment for the AWOL album and it’s a beauty. Mary J’s still singing with the KRS vocals laid over the top and a bassline to keep the tune bubbling along.

13: L Double – Music For The 90s [Flex]
Flex was really knocking out some wicked tunes back around the time when this came out. Taken from one of my all time favourite 12″s this tune really shows L Double’s steppin‘ style off perfectly – frantic beats, deep punchy bassline and a well loved vocal sample make this a big crowd pleaser.

14: Stakka & K-Tee – Living For The Night [Liftin‘ Spirit]
Wicked Amen workout from one of the most under-rated labels of the time. Constantly overshadowed by its huge sister label, Ram, regulars Stakka & K-Tee bring a touch of melody here before they went on to bigger outings on their own labels.

15: The Family Foundation – Express Yourself (Ray Keith & Nookie ’95 Remix) [Labello Blanco]
92’s hit given the ubiquitous Ray Keith and Nookie remix for Labello. Long intro dropping into a wicked warp bass tearout. I always loved the way they cut up the vocal in this one on the second drop, brings back memories of this getting rinsed on pirate stations back in 1995.

16: The Outlaw – OG Call (ST Files & Kosh Remix) [Intalex]
The Intalex guys are obviously still going strong with their own blend of dubbed out dnb but their earlier releases often get forgotten. This is one of them, a nice rollin‘ number with a bassline jumping all over the place. Wicked stuff. „Everybody in the hood, up to no good“

17: Skool Of Hard Knocks – Kan Ya Feel It (Remix) [Grand Larceny]
The remix of the well known Biz Markie sampling original. Hip hop beats in the intro into the mellow pads then launching a massive Amen drop. The tell-tale guitar line rears its head from time to time but isn’t there as much as it was in the original. I’ve never heard many people play this one which is a big shame!

18: A-Sides – Punks (Rewind Selector Mix) [Stricly Underground]
One of Strictly Underground’s biggest releases and a wicked jump-up workout from one of the scene’s most prolific artists (he’s engineered more tunes than you’d realise). Sample taken from the much rinsed „How High“ by Method Man & Redman and a P-Funk style synth line that gets instant recognition anytime this one’s dropped.

19: 3 The Hardway – Smooth Operator [Dope Dragon]
Finishing with a tune that never really gets played. Back again with the Bristol lads and a wicked piece of jump up in their typical style. Loads of breaks switching in and out of this one with a big bouncy bassline after the Rakim sample. Guaranteed to get the crowd moving every time.