Axiom – Frightmare Promo Mix

unspeakable horrors from beyond space. the revelation shocker of things to come!

for those that like to burn cds and have a cover

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tracklist for those who dont want the cover:

axiom metropolis dawn forthcoming shogun ltd
black sun empire stasis jade rmx forthcoming citrus
aeph the burning shadow forthcoming close 2 death
kiro vs neonlight blackout forthcoming trust in music
optiv deviant unknown
zeal & litta mammon unknown
optiv feat rymetyme run it red forthcoming redlight
axiom & jade midnight crusher forthcoming citrus
masheen frozen nature forthcoming habit
the sect avenger forthcoming freak
rregula batholith unknown
axiom lex talionis unknown
demetia & misha lowlife forthcoming fall out
no money driving force forthcoming sudden death
cause 4 concern strangle hold forthcoming virus
future signal world of sound unknown
concord dawn & bulletproof whiskey tango forthcoming uprising
ewun screw up the upbeats rmx forthcoming lifted music
axiom & optiv slingshot forthcoming redlight
counterstrike drone forthcoming filthy sanchez
insideInfo & kiro & 59crime response unknown
axiom spellbound unknown
zero method backslider unknown
jade forged reality forthcoming
rregula & dementia earth vs moon forthcoming dangerous new age
optiv krakpot forthcoming close 2 death
axiom clairvoyance unknown
audio destroyed the sect rmx forthcoming freak
counterstrike extreme mutilation VIP unknown

if you dare to face the dark secrets of what lies beyond space, you can find axiom’s frightmare here:

too many zombies on this graveyard?
try this: