AMON TOBIN: Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels


Length of mix: 1:17:00

Available as 320 kbps MP3

AMON TOBIN: Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels

“F*** visuals we’re sinking every last penny into the sound system!“ – Amon Tobin

Back in early 2007 Amon Tobin released his latest full length album titled Foley Room and put together a tour focusing on the sound and the music, rather then thinking too much about lights, projections and stage antics. After all, this is music. „AMON TOBIN: Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels“ weiterlesen

Amon Tobin – Live at Donauinsel Festival

Amon Tobin gibt ne Runde elektronischen BassFunkJazz aus, unglaublich wie der Typ verschiedenstene Sounds aller möglichen Genres verwurstet und daraus einen neuen dicken Soundteppich strickt.

„the guys at the radio station were meant to keep this one for themselves but oh well here’s the bootleg courtesy of.. my own message board : ) * note for the nerds: trial of new technique I’m trying out from „TF- don’t hurt nobody“ three tracks all with different time signatures get mixed together from that point making a kind of wobbly ‚elliptical‘ mix. it’s kind of wrong and right at the same time…“ Amon

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