Blu Mar Ten – Jungle Jungle Sample Pack – Free

I played a few times with this lad, such a good guy and here is his fine curated jungle sample pack ( i also mirror this )

Release text from him:

We noticed that many of the sites who were hosting this samplepack have disappeared and we get a lot of messages asking where it can be downloaded, so here you go.

– Size – 390mb
– Contents – 650+ breaks, basses, pads, riffs, hits, vocals & FX
– Format – All samples taken from vinyl or CD and saved as 16-bit WAVs.
– No mp3s were involved at any point in the process.
– All samples are cropped & normalised.
– The earliest sample in the pack is from 1989 and the latest is from 1999.
– This pack was created for fun and is not to be sold.
– These are all samples (or samples of samples) from commercially released tracks, use them in your productions at your own risk.
– Please don’t contact us asking if or how you can get licences to use these samples, or to ask us for the sample sources. We won’t reply to you, sorry.

This pack is made up of samples taken from tracks in our record collections. It started as a bit of fun to kill time in between proper music work and suddenly became quite large, so it seemed a shame not to share it.

If you’re not already familiar with how drum & bass came into being, we encourage you to go back in time and explore the history. There’s some amazing music waiting for you there.

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